Tennis match for today 4/16/14 has been cancelled.

"...I believe Mount Alvernia, as a Catholic high school, teaches us how we should act as young women and children of God.  As beneficiaries of a catholic education, we have learned how to be better people in addition to receiving an outstanding education.  Mount Alvernia teaches its students morals that are crucial to have in life, whether they are needed now or many years from now.  What does a catholic school education school experience mean to me?  It is a handbook on how to become the person I was created to be.  This person is a hard-working determined young woman who follows in Jesus' footsteps and is loving and accepting of others. She also promotes Mount Alvernia's motto pax et bonum, a motto that encourages people to spread peace and goodness to others through their actions of service."...   
                                                                                              Anastasia Estes '13
                                                      Excerpt from Baccalaureate Mass Reflection


"Best Private School Value"
            Boston Magazine

The April lunch calendar will be available on line next week. If you need to know what is for lunch this week, please call the office.