A Few Words from Our Alumnae

Often we hear from our alumnae around the world about how life at 790 Centre Street has influenced their academic, professional or spiritual lives.

From first days at college to meetings in the boardroom, our alumnae have found themselves prepared for the various experiences ahead.

Here is a sampling of those reflections.

“As I head back to Fairfield University after the long Columbus Day Weekend, I realize how big of an impact my years at MAHS had on me and how it prepared me for college.

I find myself being able to actively participate in class discussions, often times one of only a few raising a hand.

After writing an essay for religion class full of sophomores and juniors my professor came up to me and said “Boy, you can write.”
Lizzy Ames ‘15, Fairfield University

“With the focus on academic rigor, succeeding in sports, and the emotional development of young women, all with a Franciscan tradition foundation, I found myself surrounded by people who actually cared about me.”
Nicole Kfoury ’05, Assumption College (BA Sociology with a Concentration in Criminology); Suffolk University (Masters of Science in Justice Studies with a Concentration in Youth, Crime, and Justice)
“It’s such a great school with a one of a kind community. It may be small and hands-on, but that is not a bad thing. Every faculty member cares about every student, not only as an individual, but also as part of a community.

You can’t find a better school environment than at MA. I love UMass Amherst, but going to Mount Alvernia was my best decision, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Jackie Giovanucci ‘14, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“The Mount Alvernia environment was the best possible environment I could have asked for, as it helped me discover my strengths, work through my weaknesses, and all in all grow as a strong and independent young woman.”
Ava M. Gurekian ‘11, Mount Holyoke College (BA International Relations & French)
“MA truly prepared me for college. Many late nights were avoided simply from knowing how to cite my sources properly and knowing how to do research, both of which are skills I learned throughout my six years and became things I could not forget after working on Senior Symposium.”

Victoria Stewart ‘11, Connecticut College (BS Botany)
“Mount Alvernia is a community of students and faculty where
everyone wants to see each other be happy and succeed. I did not just receive an incredible education but also made friendships and learned life skills that I will always carry with me.”
Allie O’Hara ‘12, University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Commonwealth Honors College (BS Nursing)
“For six years, Mount Alvernia High School challenged me with twelve page essays, complicated lab reports, and lengthy reading lists. They
supported me with countless hours of extra help, endless pages of
practice problems, and welcoming guidance offices that were always willing to listen. Mount Alvernia High School was a learning
environment that molded me into the collegiate I would soon become.”
Mary Kate Henry ‘09, The University of New Hampshire (BA English Literature)
“Mount Alvernia instilled within me a sense of purpose, and I will carry that sense of purpose with me for the rest of my life.”
Meredith O’Brien ‘12, University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Commonwealth Honors College (BA English & History)
“The truth is I completed more homework in high school than in college. The course load at MAHS capped with the Senior Symposium taught me valuable analytical, time management, and public speaking skills. Today in graduate school at BC, I thank Ms. MsLaughlin and Dr. Heim often in my head for the ability to cite sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago easily, while other students struggle.”
Amy Gribaudo ‘07, Stonehill College (BA Finance & Economics) & Boston College (Masters in Higher Education with a concentration in Student Affairs)
“From Grades 7 thru 12, I was encouraged to challenge myself both
inside and outside the classroom and to push the boundaries of what I knew and understood. While at MAHS, I developed diligence in
completing the Senior Symposium, teamwork through my athletic
involvements, and self-confidence from numerous class presentations.

In essence, by believing and trusting in me,
Mount Alvernia inspired me to believe and trust in myself.”
Cynthia Hession ‘10, University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Commonwealth Honors College (BS Dual Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; and Microbiology & Master of Science in Applied Molecular Biotechnology)