Building the Foundations: Grades 7 – 8

At Mount Alvernia, we recognize the middle school years as a transition period between elementary school and high school. During these important and intellectually and socially challenging years, we introduce our students to the academic skill sets and study habits that will enable them to succeed. In addition, our guidance program addresses the interpersonal issues that characterize this age.

Academically, we balance the traditional subjects such as math, English, social sciences and theology with a more contemporary curriculum which includes technology, modern languages and art. We encourage our girls to explore the interdisciplinary connections among their respective classes and to apply what they have learned in the classroom to their real life experiences.

To encourage a sense of responsibility and a spirit of action, students in grades 7 and 8 are able to take on leadership responsibilities: they may serve in the student council, play an integral part in organizing school-wide events and retreats, participate in one or more of our co-curricular offerings, or form their own club.

Course of Study

All students are required to take the core curriculum established at each grade level. These courses are designed to acquaint students with knowledge and skills we think essential to success in college and life long learning. Within this framework, the program also fosters interdisciplinary experiences for students incorporating technology and the arts.

Theology: Catholic Beliefs                         

English/Language Arts: Power of Stories

Mathematics: Pre-Algebra/Intro to Algebra I

History/Social Sciences: The World and Us Part I 

Science: Science 

Modern Languages: Spanish, French

Technology: Technology I 

Health: Health 

Theology: Church History 

English/ Language Arts: Power of Voice

Mathematics: Algebra I

History/Social Sciences: The World and Us Part II

Science: Physical Science 

Technology: Technology II 

Modern Languages: Spanish I, French I

Art: Intro to Art