Classical Language

Department Philosophy

The study of Latin is an integral part of our strong core curriculum, which is based on traditional disciplines and fosters an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

The philosophy/purpose of the Classical Language Department is to prepare students to read and understand the Latin classics in the original. This acquaintance with our cultural and literary inheritance from Greece and Rome provides students with a solid background for their college English courses. The study of the etymology of English derivatives from the Latin vocabulary helps students learn accurate spelling and correct usage.

Department Goals

Upon completion of the history/social sciences program, students will:

  • Acquire a thorough comprehension of Latin forms, syntax, and vocabulary.
  • Translate and appreciate the classics and connect this knowledge with that attained in their other academic areas by seeing the classics as basic to all Western civilization.

Course Of Study

Grade 9: Latin I (H) (elective)
Grade 10: Latin II (H) (elective)
Grade 11: Latin III (H) (elective)
Grade 12: Latin IV (H) (elective)

Department Faculty

Ms. Veronica Lau