Fine Arts

Department Philosophy

The fine arts program at Mount Alvernia endeavors to give students a deeper understanding of humankind through the study of the visual arts and the creation of art objects. We wish to expand the creative spirit of each student by the examination of art history, theory, and technique and to aid each student in becoming aware of her uniqueness while experiencing the joy that comes with artistic self-expression.
The purposes and objectives of Mount Alvernia are reflected in our own department goals. We endeavor to make students aware of their place in the history of art, to enable them to see the beauty in other cultures, and to appreciate the power of artistic self-expression. Our students learn to value differences and similarities among people and cultures while gaining the necessary skills to communicate their own ideas.

Department Goals

The goals of the Fine Arts Department are that each student will:

  • Cultivate visual awareness
  • Acquire the necessary skills to communicate personal ideas
  • Become aware of her place in the history of art
  • Experiment freely in many techniques
  • View artwork critically
  • Appreciate differences between artists
  • See life deeply and thoughtfully
  • Wonder in the artistic expression of other cultures
  • Understand the power of art to change life

Course Of Study

Grade 7: Discoveries in Art
Grade 8: Explorations in Art
Grade 9: Integrating Art Fundamentals (CP) (elective)
Grade 10: Intermediate Art I (CP) (elective)
Grade 11: Intermediate Art II (CP) (elective)
Grade 12: Advanced Art (H) (elective)

Department Faculty

Mrs. Megan Blinkhorn, Department Chair