Department Philosophy

Studying science provides students with the tools for understanding both the world around them and the materials inside their bodies. They develop systematic processes for questioning, investigating and explaining various problems and events. Science teaches ways to evaluate information, cultivating critical thinking skills, sound reasoning and both oral and written communication. Science connects us to God our Creator, to the natural world and to one another. Augmenting the study of science with engineering, history and related subjects compels students to broaden their perspective about the complexities involved. As students increase their appreciation for the beauty and fragility of the earth and its inhabitants, they also grow in awareness of how to protect these valuable resources for future generations.
On a practical level, knowledge of science is a requirement for a quite a few careers.
The methodology, analytical thinking, technology and mathematical formulas applied while “doing science” is essential in a growing number of fields.

Department Goals

After completing their study of science, students will be able to:

  • Accurately employ a variety of tools for measuring and interpreting data
  • Use information and observations to make reasonable predictions
  • Plan and articulate ways to study scientific problems through conducting experiments and creating models
  • Identify key scientific principles in all content areas and be familiar with the prominent scientists associated with these concepts
  • Describe major systems in each field and the roles/interactions of their underlying components
  • Engage in discussions of current science-related issues with knowledge of the costs and benefits of proposed solutions

Course of Study

Grade 7: Earth/Life Science
Grade 8: Physical Science
Grade 9: Biology (H, CP)
Grade 10: Environmental Science (H, CP)
Grade 11: Chemistry (H, CP)
Grade 12: Physics (AH)(elective) and Anatomy & Physiology (H) (elective)

Department Faculty

Ms. Meaghan Holloran, Department Chair
Dr. Amitha Palamakumbura
Ms. Mary Prance