Department Philosophy

Knowledge is power. Knowledge of technology makes available to students one of the most powerful educational tools of the information age. The Technology/Library/Media Department uses technology as a means to recontextualize learning and to develop an innovative curriculum that will model the skills, knowledge, and attitudes appropriate in a technological society. We see students as actively constructing knowledge rather than as passive receivers of knowledge.

Department Goals

Workplace expectations have risen, requiring high productivity and high-quality output for success in the information age. Therefore, students will be prepared for a technology-rich workplace by providing them a technology-rich learning place. A new generation of educational software will be introduced into the curriculum that will encourage critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and exploration. Computers will be used as a teaching tool as well as a learning tool-extending the student’s range beyond the walls of the classroom.

Course Of Study

Grade 7: Technology I
Grade 8: Technology II
Grade 11/12: Advanced Technology (CP) (elective)
Grade 12: Advanced Technology II (H) (elective)

Department Faculty

Mrs. Tatyana Finegold, Department Chair
Mrs. Susan Akie
Mrs. Melissa Kinch