Department Philosophy

Rooted in the Gospel message, in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, the Theology Department of Mount Alvernia High School seeks to instruct the students in the Roman Catholic faith and to nurture the spiritual development of each student.

Department Goals

Upon completion of the theology program, each student:

  • Recognize the presence of God in all of creation, the dignity of all human beings, and her own special giftedness
  • Will have knowledge of sacred Scripture and be able to relate its teachings to her life
  • Appreciate and love the Tradition of the Church through active participation in varied forms of prayer, the sacraments, and liturgical celebrations
  • Understand, appreciate, and work to bring the values of Saint Francis into her everyday life
  • Acquire skills necessary to form a conscience empowering her to make responsible moral decisions in light of the teachings and Tradition of the Church
  • Be a responsible member of the Christian and world communities and be aware of and responsive to the issues of social justice
  • Understand the value of periodic reflection as a means of deepening her relationship with God

Course of Study

Grade 7: Catholic Beliefs
Grade 8: Church History
Grade 9: Hebrew Scriptures
Grade 10: Christian Testament
Grade 11: World Religions and Morality
Grade 12: Issues in Social Justice & Christian Lifestyle

Department Faculty

Mrs. Debra McCourt, Campus Ministry & Department Chair
Mrs. Erin DaCosta
Sr. Jeanne Marie Hall, mfic