Department Philosophy

Health/Wellness Department at Mount Alvernia High School contributes an important aspect in the holistic education of the student’s physical, mental, emotional and social health. Through participation in physical activities, the student develops gross and fine motor skills. These skills are acquired through both team sports and individual activities. The student develops positive health habits and attitudes by learning about different healthy options towards competition, recreation, and relaxation. We give them the tools to make decisions on healthy lifestyle behaviors in many health topics such as nutrition and physical fitness.

The Wellness Council adds another element for our Health/Wellness Department. The Council educates the whole community on many topics that are relevant to adolescent girls. The importance of educating them to make the right choices is a priority of the department.

Mount Alvernia High School is committed to the development of each student. Health classes as well as special programs demonstrate the importance of sound nutrition and exercise in a healthy, balanced life.

Department Goals

The health program will:

  • Contribute to the development of each student’s coordination, endurance, and strength by physical fitness programs.
  • Help students develop a sense of good sportsmanship and of teamwork.
  • Encouraging each student to achieve some level of success in recreational and sports activities
  • Help develop within each student a positive self-image through increased awareness of the benefits of physical fitness and good habits of nutrition
  • Develop the skills necessary for making decisions and setting goals
  • Learn the benefits of living a healthy life

Course Of Study

Grade 7: Health

Department Faculty

Mrs. Julie Gosselin, Department Chair
Mrs. Deborah Brancato, R.N.