World Languages

Department Philosophy

The purposes and objectives of this department are to provide each student with an environment conducive to obtaining proficiency in her chosen modern language in accordance with her inherent abilities. We also seek to develop in each student an appreciation of different cultures, customs, traditions, and literature, thereby fostering respect for the heritage of the people whose language is being studied. And the department aims to provide each student with the skills necessary to communicate and understand her chosen language when spoken at normal speed.

Department Goals

Knowledge of a second language will empower our graduates to embody our “one world, one people” philosophy. They will be able to replace societal stereotypes with experience of different cultures through their modern language classes and will therefore be productive members of the twenty-first century.

Course Of Study

Grade 7: Spanish or French
Grade 8: Spanish I or French I
Grade 9: Spanish II (H, CP) or French II (H)
Grade 10: Spanish III (H, CP) or French III (H)
Grade 11: Spanish IV (H) or French IV (H) (elective)
Grade 12: Spanish V (AP)or  French V (AP)(elective)

Department Faculty

Mrs. Marie-Aude Hewes, Department Chair
Ms. Liliana Lara
Ms. Emily Shaner