Mission Statement

The goal and the mission of the Mount Alvernia High School Library/Media Center are to create an atmosphere of welcome, to make the library an integral part of the school, and to enable all members of the Mount Alvernia community to take advantage of the resources and personnel to provide for their academic needs. The library’s resources exist in both book and non-book format. The resources are broad enough to provide research material for the courses offered at the school as well as material for enjoyment reading and intellectual stimulation.

The library has the further objective of familiarizing all students and faculty with these materials as well as providing resources to supplement any instruction in the classroom. The library, through its many resources, books, periodicals, and technology, provides the environment in which students can learn about the wonders of the world in which they live and grow in an understanding of how all aspects of life are interconnected.

Department Goals

The goal of the Library/Media Services Department is to educate students to the wide variety of resources available to them. These resources include material in the fields of all the disciplines, and thus the library provides an important link in the connectedness of the school. It is also part of the overall goal to enable students to feel comfortable in the world of information science and to utilize skills of research that will enable them to live more easily in this information age. Students will see the potential of all knowledge that may be obtained through many means and grow in an understanding and appreciation of education and the skills necessary to develop their minds.

Department Faculty/Staff

Mrs. Susan Akie, Librarian
Sr. Anna Theresa Perriello, Assistant