Standings: 3-11-0

 4/5/17  O’Bryant School  5-0 L
 4/10/17  Waltham HS  3-2 L
 5/1/17  Ursuline  5-0 L
 5/3/17  @ O’Bryant  5-0 L
 5/4/17  @ Weston HS  5-0 L
 5/4/17  @ Weston HS  3-2 W
 5/11/17  @ Ursuline  5-0L
 5/12/17  @ St. Joe’s Prep  3-2 L
 5/15/17  BLA  4-1 W
 5/15/17  BLA  3-2 L
 5/16/17  @ Waltham HS  3-2 W
 5/19/17  St Joe’s Prep  3-2 L
 5/24/17  @ Fontonne  5-0 L
 5/24/17  Fontbonne  4-1 L

Meet the Coach

Sami O’Reilly

Sami O’Reilly is the new MAHS Varsity Tennis Coach 2015.  She is a PTR-certified tennis instructor, and seasonally teaches  with Generation Tennis, Inc., providing after school fall, spring and summer tennis programming to elementary and middle schools in the Greater Boston area.  In addition, Coach O’Reilly currently serves as Director of the Advisory Committee for The Friends of Newton Tennis, a community tennis association that helps maintain public courts and advocates for the sport of tennis.   She is an organizer of the annual ForGirlsake Womens Doubles Tennis Open, held at Newton North High School each September.

Coach O’Reilly is also a certified  Billie Jean King Eye Coach trainer, an innovation in tennis teaching that dramatically improves ground stroke eye-hand coordination and focus.  She has used this and other progressive tennis training techniques in both her junior and adult level lessons with success.   Locally, she plays both singles and doubles in USTA and CMITA adult leagues.   She is dedicated to bringing the joy of competitive tennis to MAHS, with the hope that these young athletes may adopt tennis as a sport for life.

Coach O’Reilly is a long time Newton resident, where she lives with her husband and daughter.


Sami O’Reilly
Position: Head Tennis Coach
Cell: 617-593-6182