Mid-Year Exam Schedule

emclaughlin Head of School, News

Sunday January 7, 2018

Happy New Year! I hope every Mount Alvernia family is coping well with the cold and snowy weather of the past week or more!  The forecast shows us reaching the 30s this week – it may seem balmy considering the single digit temperatures of this weekend! It’s possible that the frigid temperatures provided some incentive for our students to stay indoors and prepare for exams!

As you know, Mount Alvernia’s mid-year exams will take place this coming week.  Each exam runs 1.5 hours with a half an hour break in between the first and second exams.  Our school day will begin regularly at 7:50am with homeroom.  The first exam of the day will run from 8:10am to 9:40am followed by a 30 minute break.  The second exam of the day will run from 10:10am to 11:40am.  Dismissal is at 11:40am for exam week.

If a student receives extra time on tests and quizzes per an Individualized Education Plan or 504, the exam period runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Extended Time students will test in the dining room to avoid interruptions.  As students with extended time finish their exams they are allowed to leave the exam room (after the regularly scheduled hour and a half exam time).  The first exam for students with extended time runs from 8:10am to 10:25am followed by a 30 minute break.  The second exam for students with extended time begins at 11:00am and ends at 1:15pm.

The exam schedule for the week is:

Monday:  English (first exam)                        Science (second exam)

Tuesday: Math (first exam)                             World Languages (second exam)

Wednesday: Theology (first exam)                 Social Studies (second exam)

Thursday: Electives (first exam)                     Conflicts & Make Ups (second exam)

Friday:  Make Up Exams – no school for students who do not need to make up an exam

This year’s exam schedule is different from previous years when the exam schedule spanned the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.  We are hopeful that this new exam schedule will allow teachers and students the opportunity to rest and recover from exams over the holiday weekend and return to school prepared to begin Semester 2, Quarter 3 on Tuesday January 16th.  Of course, this change is something we will discuss with faculty and students to assess whether the change was beneficial to all.  I appreciate any feedback you have to offer. Also if you need a good site to prepare for the exam then check the best sites for SAT prep.