Winter Windfall Winners 2016-2017

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Winter Windfall Calendar Winners will be posted here each day!  Good luck to all and thank you for participating in this event.

December 25                C. DiRuzza
December 26                J. Blakely
December 27                S. McLaughlin
December 28                K. Grover
December 29                P. Fizur
December 30                J. Iovanna
December 31                 T. Bryant
January 1                        J. Daly
January 2                       P. Isberg
January 3                       M. Geary
January 4                       E. Pascatore
January 5                       L. Campbell
January 6                       W. McGough
January 7                       P. Walsh
January 8                        A. Chen
January 9                       F. Kennedy
January 10                     J. Russell
January 11                      Kent Family
January 12                     E. McDaid
January 13                     K. Maher
January 14                      J. Maguire
January  15                     S. Cardarelli
January 16                     Y. Pilette
January 17                      M. Blinkhorn
January 18                      D. Coulter
January  19                      J. Erti
January 20                      B. McKenna
January 21                       J. DeMaio
January 22                      C. Roache
January 23                      P. Lavey
January 24                      E. Kenney
January 25                      C. Hardy
January 26                      B. Flannery
January 27                      E. Smith
January 28                     R. Addorio
January 29                      J. McLaughlin
January 30                     C. Thistle
January 31                      J. DiNatale

Thanks to everyone for participating in our Winter Windfall Calendar drawing this year.  Congratulations to all of the winners.