Dr. Heim Receives Seven C’s Woman Award

Communications News

Dr. Melissa Lewis Heim, former history teacher and a dedicated mentor to fellow teachers, was honored with this year’s Seven C’s Award.

Presented annually at graduation since 2000, the Seven C’s Award is awarded to a member of the community for her outstanding dedication to Mount Alvernia. The award recognizes:

Women of Courage – who have spirit and strength

Women of Confidence – who believe in their own self worth

Women of Character – who have a moral and an ethical core  

Women of Competence – who have the skills to live in any world

Women of Compassion – who are able to feel deeply for and with others

Women of Commitment – who understand the value of making promises and keeping them.  

Women of Community – who work to balance their own needs with the needs of others

Before presenting the award, Ms. Eileen McLaughlin said:

“…she was a department chair who helped me grow not solely by observing me and offering me critical feedback – but more importantly helped me grow by engaging me in conversation about student achievement, the importance of imagination and the river of time – the ways in which history is alive in every current event we encounter.

We thank her for modeling for each of us here at MA what it means to be a Seven C’s Woman. She represents for each of us that in order to become the people we were created to be we must consistently enter in to the work with a sense of faith and mission, commit the time, and imagine the possibilities.”